Corotex Doors

Corotex steel sectional garage doors are available in the following patterns, Federation, Statesman, Grange and Contemporary.


Federation Pattern

corotex steel federation pattern


Statesman Pattern

corotex steel statesman pattern


Grange Pattern

corotex sectional door grange pattern


Contemporary Pattern

contemporary corotex steel door


Corotex Steel Sectional Garage Doors are available in these colours:


Corotex Door Colours



Top panels with glass are available for the corotex steel doors, and can be supplied and fitted at an extra cost. The designs available, are: Colonial, Sherwood, Sunrise and Cathedral.

top window panels for corotex steel sectional garage doors

When ordering your Corotex steel sectional garage door, please familiarise yourself with the standard measurements for Single garage doors and Double garage doors, to ensure that your corotex doors will fit perfectly.